Sunday, 1 October 2017

September 3 to October 1

 There are some beautiful fan palms around the Accra Temple.

 This house was recently renovated to be a church in the district of Afienya.
 An impromptu choir was formed to provide a musical number at one of the multi-zone meetings.  It was very good since all the hymns in Ghana are sung with great gusto!  The Elders and Sisters sang together and then just the Sisters sang by themselves.

I took these pictures of one of the missionary apartments to determine if more security is required.  We will arrange to have a metal door and bars placed on the windows.

September was transfer month which meant that over 22 missionaries returned home and about the same number replaced them.  The departing missionaries were given a nice chicken and rice dinner Sunday evening and a hamburger/hotdog BBQ the following day before they left for the airport.

With the opening of the new missionary training centre just 10 minutes walk from the mission home the intake of new missionaries has become very easy.  They walk the distance and we pick up the luggage with the trucks and set it out for them to pick up to their assignments.
After the transfers were over, I took the office elders and delivered some bikes, bought some bike helments and had some ice cream.
We visited the fishing village in Jamestown, one of the poorest districts in Accra.  With no private bathrooms the 5000 residents either use the public showers shown below or use the ocean to bath as well as to go to the bathroom.
The fishing boats are made out of a single hollowed out log with added sides for a cost of less than $300.

Sardines, hering and larger fish are dried, smoked or fried for the Accra market.

The British once ruled here and one of their barracks remain.

Our guide through Jamestown was Humphrey who runs one of the schools and raises funds for the school by giving tours.

This lady was singing and trying to sell sandals.
The old British lighthouse and the beginning of a new boat.
Children running past a large patch of drying sardines.
The fishing fleet is coming in after a week on the water traveling along the coast as far as Nigeria.

The white building was built by the Dutch.

This pier was built by the British.  It is a good place to spread out nets and to jump off.
It is a densely populated part of the city.

We received this picture of my father dressed in his red blazer with RCMP insignia and WW2 medals.  I put it on facebook and received a huge positive response.


  1. As always, another great job. Love the photo of your dad, so glad you put it in.

  2. LOVED the pic of grandpa. i am not on FB so i missed it.
    Looking at that villages community toilets makes me feel bad about complaining about my pink and blue bathrooms. thanks for posting. love you both!

  3. It's always interesting to see your posts!! I can't imagine having to go into the ocean to use the toilet, we have it very good over here.
    Grandpa looks so great in that photo, I loved seeing him. Love you both!