Saturday, 17 September 2016

September 6-16

The zone leaders meet the first Thursday every month with the mission president to review the past month and discuss goals for the coming month.  The Ghana missions are very good at adding growth to the church with each one having about 100 baptisms each month.  Some of the zone leaders are "enjoying" a Ghanaian meal at the area office cafeteria.
 We went Ho once again to visit some missionaries apartments and to see the Kente festival.  Here we are taking an off road short cut to avoid a traffic jam at the Tema traffic circle.  The cattle on the road are part of the fun!

We stayed 3 nights are the empty couples house in Ho.  We stayed with the Paces and took turns providing meals.  Some very good eating took place.

There was some lush foliage along the way to the missionary apartment in Hohoe along with some very bumpy roads.

We attended the Kente festival which is centered around the brightly woven cloth call "kente" cloth. 

Elder Graham Nash of the Area Presidency and his wife had seats of honour. The white man sitting beside them is an chief because took great efforts to promote the Kente.  He is a member of the church from Utah. Athough very colourful, there seemed to be very little action and any drumming or dancing that did take place was difficult to see because all the seats were level with field making it hard to observe anything occuring on the other side of the field.


Before leaving Ho we picked up a missionary who had finished his mission and needed to be in Accra to catch a flight back to his home in Nigeria.  He phoned ahead and members turned up in Tsito, a town along the way, to say goodbye to him.  He had previously served a number of months in Tsito.  The man in the foreground is a member of the branch presidency and he had all the other well wishers loaded in his pick up truck.

The returning missionary joined four other missionaries in a farewell devotional.  President and Sister Heid grow real close to the missionaries and they make the farewell meeting special. No one seemed to object to a filling meal afterwards at "The Lord of the Wings".  The President said that they could order up to 100 cedi ($33) worth of food.


This took place September 12 which is Meg's birthday.  She was surprised with a flaming piece of bithday cake and all the waiters singing Happy Birthday.  Early that afternoon had a birthday lunch at a place called Pinocchios.  Two good meals in one day!

Meg had some Ghanaian clothes made and the seamstress made some matching ties.

On September14, a meeting was held for the Ghana Accra and the Ghana Accra West missionaries -about 300 to hear Elder Gary E. Stevenson of the Quorum of Twelve Apostles talk to them on how to do effective missionary work. He was previously a mission president in Nagoya, Japan - the same place where I served during 1972-1974.  We all shook hands with him and I greeted with "konnichi wa" which he and his wife seemed to appreciate.


  1. Thanks for doing this honey. I sure appreciate it.

  2. Loving this blog!! You both look great 💜

  3. Very fun to read. I feel like I learn more about what you are up to more than when we FT. Love you both!

  4. I was wondering how long it would take until you started wearing Ghanaian clothing:-) Out of necessity or comfort or both? Happy Birthday last week! That was quite the candle!