Sunday, 25 September 2016

September 17-25

I have found the only good golf course in a city of 4 million people.  Another senior missionary, Tom Spackman - Brian Spackman's brother, and I have an set tee time every Monday morning at 6 AM.  Here I am with my mandatory caddy, John, who helps a lot by giving me some good golf tips.  The cost of a round of 18 holes is about $50 which includes the $10 caddy tip. 

 Meg is looking wonderful in her new Ghanain wardrobe of skirts and tops.  Some brightly coloured dresses will be ordered next.

For a number of days we had a terrible infestation of termites.  Shown is one night's harvest which recently ceased either because of fumigation or because they got tired of visiting us - we do not know.

 We met this man in church last week who we thought had the same look and personality as our friend,|Ian Wilks, who lives in |Kelowna.
 It is almost impossible to get fresh milk in Ghana.  |Initially we tried to use sterilized milk but it has a nasty after taste.  We have since used powder mild which has been surprisingly good - quite creamy and easy to mix.  I did a taste test and found the Cowbell brand to be the one we like best.
 The missionaries are divided into districts.  We attended the Sun City district meeting last Tuesday.
 In our first post we described our meeting a family from Mali who lived on a chicken ranch.  The chicken ranch manager is Lothian Epoge who unfortunately had a terrible accident when his hand got caught in a chicken feed grinder.  Some kind benefactors from Utah, who own the chicken ranch, flew him to Accra for treatment.  He lost the first digit of two fingers as a result of the accident and  poor treatment received in Mali.

 A lot of missionary apartment repairs are done by contractors but there are some things that I can do such as putting a broken bed back together for Elder Ackley.

The owner of a couple of nearby restaurants called Pinnochios and Le Pizzaria likes to see the Senior Missionaries show up.  Last Friday after having a meal he gave Elder and Sister Pace and ourselves some complimentary gelato!

 Last Saturday Meg and I went on another garbage run around the missionary apartments in Koforidua.  The   garbage truck needed a new brake pad which required a trip into the market place to find one.  A small village was across the road there the truck broke down which had a number of chickens running around and a F150 Ford pick up truck!

We attended a multiward sacrament meeting where a portion was taken from three wards to form a new branch.  



  1. That poor guy, I bet it made you cringe when he told you the story about his hand. You must like the food at the restaurant you went to, I have heard you mention it a few times now :)

  2. Thanks for the updated blog! Love hearing and seeing the pictures. I am glad you little critter friends stopped coming around.. those are 'friends' who are easy to part with.

  3. Randy & I love reading about your awesome adventures! The pictures are great! Makes us feel that we are almost there. Beautiful outfits! They must be great seamstresses! Lovely termites...guess there are little critters no matter where you go. Keep up the great blog! Love to you both.❤️