Sunday, 2 October 2016

September 26 to October 2

We decided to get patriotic and bought a Ghanaian flag for $1 from a street hawker.

 Last Tuesday we drove to Senchi, which is about 1 hour from Accra, to move a couple of missionaries from an apartment that had some plumbing problems to another apartment 20 minutes away located in Akosombo.  The apartment was much better and the location was fantastic with good hillside scenery and a mango tree across the street, which will have ripe fruit this December.

On the way back we visited some other missionaries in Akuse and in Asutsuare.  Packages from home are most welcome, especially when they contain food!
Kal Tire beware, competition is on its way in the form of the Ghanaian Tire Store!  And in numerous locations to satisfy all your tire needs.

 I go out walking in the mornings around 7:30 and I take some church pamphlets with me to give to anyone that will talk to me.  I say good  morning to those that pass me and some are cheery and will want to say more.  I say what is your name and they will tell me - usually they have biblical names.  I will say that is a great name and ask them if they are Ghanaian and they will proudly say "Yes"!  I then say that I am from Canada on an 18 month mission and I would like to give them a pamphlet about my church.  I put my name and phone number on it and I have had a couple of people call me later in the day.  My new friends below are Robert and Moses.

 The Area Presidency is in Salt |Lake for General Conference this week.  Their executive secretary, Elder Webster and his wife hosted a "While the Cat is Away the Mice Will Play" lunch for the other senior missionaries.
 At our regular Friday morning office meeting this week the facility employee, Gilbert, had a birthday.  To celebrate it, Sister |Pace, made some muffins which attracted one of the two mission home cats who was longingly looking through the window.  President Heid got the cats to keep away the poisonous green mamba snakes that had been coming into the yard.
 The senior missionaries went to a combination Chinese and East I|ndian restaurant Friday evening and its was really good for a cost of about $66 for Meg and I.
 We had a cheaper banquet when we took four missionaries to lunch where we tried FuFu.  Later Meg and I had some croissants we bought while shopping because we did not eat that much.  The missionaries gobbled up what we did not finish!

On Saturday morning we went to the Goethe Institute which hosts a market the 1st Saturday of every month as a fund raiser.  There were a lot of neat items for sale.  We bought a bratwurst for lunch.

Occasionally we get a visitor to our apartment such as this 2" slug that crawled between the cracks in the door jam.  

Good-bye for this week!


  1. I am sorry... that FuFu does NOT look appetizing! ugh... neither does that slug.
    You guys look great, so proud of you. Nice street contacting dad! Love you!

  2. Wow! Great missionary work Wayne! Love how missionaries everywhere get together to eat...the universal language. Great to hear about your daily activities...don't like the slugs much! ๐Ÿ˜– Take care & God bless you both. ๐Ÿ’—