Sunday, 9 October 2016

October 3 to October 9

Monday mornings start at 6:00 AM on the Achimoto golf  course with a fellow senior missionary, Elder Tom Spackman.  Although he lives in Florida, he is originally from Cardston and is Brian Spackman's brother, who I know very well.  I think we will play about 60 rounds of golf by the time we go home.
 The Mission President is concerned about the quality of bike helmets in the mission and bought a number to try out.  It has  been determined that each missionary will get a new helmet.
 Not only a new helmet but a rain poncho too so they can bike in wet weather without holding an umbrella which would be unsafe with the very bumpy roads here in Ghana.  When I was on my mission to Japan we did not have helmets and we biked with one and sometimes two hands holding the umbrella.
 One of the Assistants to the President is Elder Osse Brobbery who is finished his mission in a couple of weeks.  He has applied to join the British Army where he hopes to learn automotive mechanics.
We had an interesting weekend consisting of a visit to the Shai nature park, a drive to the Akosombo dam, an overnight stay at the Royal Senchi resort and church at the Kpong District Conference.

We saw baboons, some ostriches and antelope in the park.  And a huge millipede!

 We also climbed a couple hills for some views and went into a bat cave.  We could hear the bats squeaking but did not see any.  George was  out park guide.  The told us that the area was originally settled by people that came from Israel.


 This is the Akosombo dam.  Behind it is the Volta Lake which one of the largest lakes in Africa.
 We stayed at the Royal Senchi Resort which was the best place we have stayed in since the start of our mission.  It was $260 US/night including breakfast.

Notice that the playground horses have zebra stripes.  The hotel put on a real good breakfast buffet.  The Kpong conference had an area Seventy - Elder Davis as one of the speakers.

 We attended a church history devotional meeting where the church historian, Elder Snow, spoke.  Attending this same meeting were Brother and Sister Findlay from Kelowna!  They are in Ghana for a couple of weeks doing their humanitarian wheelchair work.


  1. Great pictures, as always. I see mum found a pig to take a picture with... she does love pigs. Glad you enjoyed your one night at the 'american' type hotel. Looks like you guys are keeping busy and everyday appears to be a fun adventure! love you both!!

    1. I am pretty sure that is a Rhino. Don't worry, I understand what it's like to say you see one animal when really it is something else ;)
      That breakfast buffet looks good!!!

  2. That is not a pig or a Rhino. It is a hippo.

  3. Hi Wayne and Meg - Love the pictures and comments. Sounds like you guys are having a great time. What's this!!! "60 rounds of golf" - I've been practicing every day - how am I suppose to take your money now that you're getting this good.
    Love you guys - Dave & Eleanor - PS your apartment is still standing.

  4. Great entry, love the pictures. Keep living the dream and I hope you make your target of 60 rounds of golf.