Sunday, 30 October 2016

October 24 to October 30

Last Sunday evening we received a call from the Sister Missionaries living in the newly acquired Labone apartment saying that they could not open the outside door.  We went to see what the problem was and it turned out that the inside bolt had jiggled free when the door was closed and dropped into the concrete floor.  I used a screwdriver to lift up the door enough to slide in a hacksaw blade to cut the 1/2" bolt.  It took at least 40 min to cut through it because the blade kept coming loose in the holder.  Even with one of the sisters spelling me off in the cutting procedure, I was soaked with perspiration and my glasses had pools of water in them.
We said farewell to 8 missionaries Monday evening as their missions were over and they left for their homes in different part of Africa.  The next day, 18 new missionaries arrived, 9 of which came from Nigeria.
We attend a district meeting in Ashaiman onTuesday where we observed some role playing, which was part of the meeting.  Afterwards we went with the missionaries to the local restaurant where they like to go and had some cheaper Ghanian food - we had chicken and rice. Some of the Elders had banku which is eaten with your hands and thoroughly washing them.

Later in the week we did some supply runs to some of the apartments and repaired some beds that did not have any slats.  We took Fred Aboyge along to help out.  We gave some new chairs to the missioanaries in the Agbogba apartment to replace some broken ones.  No doubt broken due to leaning back.

We often see vehicles that should not be on the road such as a truck that appears to be having a shock absorber problem.

There will be an election during December and we have seen a lot of political parades for the candidates.  They are hoping for a peaceful election and even made mention of it in church a number of times.  We attended a Stake Conference in Tema, which is a city located about 20 miles east of Accra.  It was well attended with at least 1000 present.  Note the colouful dresses worn by the women.

As I mentioned previously, I am able to golf every Monday morning and I can also slip off the the driving range Saturdays if we are not going anywhere else.  I met one of the golf instuctors at the range, or should say that he made sure he met me!  This is Richard and he gives me a lesson every time I go for the cost of $17/lesson.  He has already taught be some good things - let's see if it helps my game tomorrow!


  1. Love the up to date posts mum and dad. Love u

  2. It is great to hear your day to day activities. It must be so interesting to be living in such a different culture:-)

  3. I am so relieved to hear that you are still working on your golf game :) I was worried you would go through golf withdrawals... and I hear those can be pretty horrible. Love you and mum and love the blog! Thanks Dad.