Sunday, 6 November 2016

October 31 to November 6

The missionaries use mountain bikes to travel the rough roads throughout Accra and the mission.  To save costs, the mission has employed a bicycle mechanic, named Isaac, to procure good used bikes and to repair broken bikes.  We sometimes take these bikes to the missionaries going down roads shared with cattle.  We also look after other apartment repairs such as replacing damaged extension cords.  Later in the week we joined the couple that works in the nearby Accra West Mission for dinner.

On Friday the mission leaders came to Accra for a meeting with the President and his wife.  They like to greet the missionaries as they arrive.
At this same meeting Meg gave a presentation on taking care of feet to prevent athletes feet and in-grown toe nails.
Elder and Sister Pace presented a technique to meet and getting to know people.
On the weekend we traveled to Koforidua to check out the condition of a senior missionary couples house in preparation for some new senior missionaries that are coming Dec. 6.   The home is quite large and is located on a big lot with orange and avocado trees.  They will serve as member support and leadership missionaries.
We went to see the nearby Boti falls, which were well worth the trip.

We attended investigator class at church where we observed Elder Buys doing sign language to one of his investigators who is deaf.  He has also learned the native language.  Really quite amazing!
Unfortunately Meg's mother, who is approaching her 96th birthday, is ill and not doing well.  We will probably be going to Scotland next week.


  1. Great job dad. Those water falls are cool as there are two of them. Looks like another productive week. You will have to blog your trip to scotland too! Love you both. proud of all you are doing!

  2. Those falls look beautiful. Do you know how long it took the missionary to learn the language?

  3. Dear Wayne and Meg...I can't even say how awesome you two are! What examples...and what adventures! I'm sure the missionaries love you...TLC goes a long way! Carry're in my prayers. Love Carol Lethaby

  4. What a great surprise and support for Meg to have all your kids attend her mom's funeral as a family....and then your work never stops does it? What an experience you are having. Life changing I would think!