Sunday, 22 January 2017

January 2 - January 22

It is mango season and we are buying some every week at a low price.  This one is ripening on a tree at the elders apartment in Dodowa.
 Both of the missionaries at Dodowa have had malaria and part of the problem is that mosquitoes are getting through the bedroom window that has inadequate screens.  Fred is putting screening across the entire window to keep them out using the new ladder that we bought.
 There are are a number of missionaries from Tonga, Samoa and Fiji who like to cook a pig in an earthen pit.  They collected sufficient money from the missionaries who wanted to be involved in a pork feed and cooked two small pigs.  We decided to add to the event by having a member bake a cake - which tasted like one of the ingredients was 1/2 cup of diesel fuel.  The pork was tasty but quite tough!

 Elder and Sister Clark have been serving as audit missionaries but are going home early because he has been called to serve as a mission president for 3 years in Liberia!  No one was volunteering to take their place.
 We often stop at the church building in Ashaiman to eat lunch because it has a convenient location and is a quiet setting in a busy town.
 The sisters missionaries in Madina had bunk beds without ladders and were having difficulting getting to the top bunk.  We went to a furniture store along the roadside and bought two ladders that fit perfectly.  Looks like the sisters were celebrating by making some good food.
This minivan seems to be overloaded with a suspension problem.  We took a picture of the white van because it had a Canadian flag decal in the back window.  We later pulled up alongside and told him that we liked the decal and that we are from Canada.
 We attended church at the Cantonments ward and found that their were a lot of investigators in the missionary class.  The chapel for this ward is located on the Accra Temple site.

 Ten new missionaries arrived from various parts of Africa and were assigned to their training companions on January 17.
 Meg bought two new purses and also is getting four dresses made of some colourful material.
We treated Elder James to some chicken and rice while his companion was in the hopital getting plate put on his broken wrist.
 Elder Pace and I are for church to start.
 We have to wash all of our fresh food in bleach water to kill any germs.   On  my 64th birthday we went to a very nice restaurant and had a delicious bowl of butternut squash soup as part of the meal.

 The Finldays live in Kelowna and are visiting Accra as part of their assignment in providing wheelchairs.  They joined the Paces and had lunch with us after church


  1. Thank you so much for all you are doing. I know from the missionaries, that senior couples are bright lights! You support and love...and probably give practical advice they need to hear! Thanks for sharing...thanks for serving. Love Sister Lethaby

  2. Looks like you have settled right into the culture. You guys sure know how to get around and get things done!! Yes, please do not volunteer to take their place :)

  3. Love reading the blog dad! Great work. Love you both!