Sunday, 5 February 2017

January 23 to February 5

 I thought that it would be good to put in some pictures of some of the buildings from downtown Accra.  We often go to this fancy hotel called Movenpick because it has a good pharmacy where Meg can get the medicine she needs for the missionaries.

In the background is the |Accra fine arts building where some operas and other events take place.

 There is a huge avocado tree in our compound that is laden with ripening fruit which will be good eating in a few weeks from now.

 Once again a picture of an interesting sight we  saw on the road last week.  A boot tied to the back of a truck.  I am thinking that the owner of the boot could not keep up!
 We went to a district meeting in Tema New Town and Meg directed the singing.
 We took a couple of bikes out to the Ashaiman - Lebanon apartment and the missionaries wanted to change some bike seats.  Rather than doing it myself we went to the local bike repair shop where they did it right away with some of the missionaries helping out.  A coconut vendor came by and we bought coconuts for everyone there - 9 coconuts for $6.00.

Last Thursday we were at the monthly missionary leadership meeting and I recorded some of the opening hymn.  This will play on a laptop but will not play on an I-phone.