Sunday, 19 February 2017

February 6 to February 19

I wonder if Apple knows that this is one of their stores in Ghana.

These missionaries are  moving into their newly renovated apartment in Suhum.  Many of the homes are painted bright colours with green being one of the favourites.
We never cease to be amazed at what we see on the roads everyday.  This is one way of transporting workers to a job site that I am sure most Canadian company's safety manager would not approve of.
The church buildings are often rented homes and the church has built an open air chapel on the grounds, such as the one located in the town of Akuse.  The female members like to wear colourful clothes.

The following Monday near Akuse an accident occurred where four of the missionaries riding in the taxi below were involved in a roll over.  The taxi hit a pothole, the back tire blew out and the vehicle rolled over at least once.  Fortunately, no serious injuries but we were at a couple of hospitals due to some cuts and a concussion.
This is the location of the apartment where the missionaries live.  We went there to pick up some clothes to take them to the mission home for a couple of days to see the area doctor and for observation.
This lady is selling toilet paper and paper towels to cars that have stopped for red lights.
We went with the Paces and the Mission President and his wife to the Lord of the Wings for Valentines day dinner.  Meg is having some poutine.  Never tried it in Canada.
We ordered some food for the missionaries that spent some time in the hospital.  I balanced this can on a 5 cedi note waiting for the order to come.
At the same time we were at the hospital these two  missionaries dropped by for a medical check up.  Elder James had a final check on a nasty spider bite that had become infected.  A month earlier his companion, Elder Flan II from Liberia, had been in the hospital to repair a broken wrist.

Along one of the busy roads in Accra we noticed these skinny cattle tied up.
While travelling around we took some pictures of the foliage, flowers and a gnarled tree trunk that I am sure someone could make a wonderful carving out of.
Meg was excited to see this road side shoe shop.  Too bad we did not have time to stop!
There are some wonderful carvings that can be purchased.  I am sure that we will bring back a suit case full of wood when we return to Canada.


  1. Lol I love that you were so bored you decided to balance the can of diet coke... I try to balance my cell phone on things all the time when I am bored. I am really glad those missionaries are all okay!

  2. That was great dad! I definitely want a nativity scene carved out of wood from Ghana!

  3. And that poutine looked absolutely disgusting....

  4. I love seeing all the random pictures you take around Ghana!
    Glad all the missionaries are safe after the rollover. Could have been much worse. I read about the missionary with the spider bite and thought "nope. No, Ghana would not be a place for me". I hate spiders. Yuck!
    And those wood carvings look absolutely wonderful. I think any of them would be good choices for souveniers to bring home!
    I always enjoy reading your blog.