Sunday, 12 March 2017

February 27 to March 12

We took this young man to the mission training centre in Tema, which is about 40 min from Accra, to start his mission training for a 2 year assignment in Nigeria.  His girl friend came along to say "Good-bye".  She also is going on a mission for 18 months to Jackson, Mississippi, starting this August.  It will be a long time before they see each other again!
The same week we took Fred with us to do some apartment repairs such as installing some screening to keep mosquitos out and repairing a broken door.
Meg is standing outside a very nice chapel in the district of Adenta, where we attended church.
As mentioned before, there are a lot of goods sold along the roadside such as tables, chairs and couches.

Meg is helping one of the sister missionaries in selecting some new glasses.  Do you think she made a good choice?
We found a good cheap table and chairs (along the roadside) for these sisters to use in their apartment.
I can not help taking pictures of some of the wacky vehicles we see every day, such as this one that carries passengers, even though the doors are broken!

When we saw Vanessa in Scotland last November she gave me a good supply of my favourite Canadian snack "Cheezies" that I ration out and have some every month on the day we started our mission.  When I die I want to be buried with a package of cheezies in case I get hungry along the way - and not a cheap small package, Meg!
We often each lunch in the car travelling between destinations.   We take a lunch with us because we are reluctant to buy food off the street unless the missionaries have tried it and tell us it is OK to eat.


  1. That's a really nice looking church building. Did that one have AC?
    That van. 😨😨 I wouldn't want a ride in that one. I love seeing these types of pictures.
    Cheezies. Your comment about being buried with them made me giggle. Sounds like you have a plan. 😂
    Great post. As always, I enjoyed reading it. Miss you guys. ❤

  2. Good to hear you are rationing your cheezies~
    Great pictures .. love you guys.