Sunday, 19 March 2017

March 13 to March 19, 2017

We went to the Adjorman apartment and replaced a broken bed.  The American missionary, Elder Perkins, wanted to make a bench press out of the old bed frame so I left him a hammer, saw and some nails - will have to get a picture of the finished product.
 Meg stayed at home to do laundry and I went to the Batsonaa apartment - repaired a bed, dropped off some bike lights and water filters.  I stopped a nearby coconut vendor and bought some for the elders.

Once again some more interesting road sights such as very Christian truck with a load and a goat in the back.  Signs like this are very common - Second Coming Transmission repair, Jesus Saves Dress Shop etc. 
This van is dragging a load of iron re-bar behind it.

On Saturday we went to Koforidua which is about 90 min north of Accra and took out some supplies with Elder and Sister Pace.

 These Missionaries are in the Tafo apartment.  We delivered a large folding white table and took back an used bike for repair.
 We took two missionaries out for 1/2 chicken and rice lunch that was about $9.50 each.  They ate it all - they must of been full because they did not eat the bones this time!

 The sisters of the Bastonaa ward were celebrating the 175 anniversary of the formation of the church Relief Society organization with a special cake.  The young missionaries stopped by after the meeting to get a piece.


  1. Sick have you actually seen them eat the bones?? Ew!

  2. Ha ha. "Jesus saves" dress shop. That is funny. Always enjoy seeing pictures every day things around Ghana.
    And eating the bones?? Is that a common thing they do there? Gross.
    And that is a fancy cake for the Relief Society!!

  3. When Carol Lethaby posts her son's blog I click on yours to take a look. It's nice to see how you two are doing.
    Did you hear that Kitty Roy, from 17th Ward will be going to Ghana this August on a temple mission? Do you know her? She's a good friend and quite shy. She's quite excited!

    1. We heard that she is coming and will look out for her. We do not know her. There are two other single sisters that are temple missionaries along with two couples. I am sure she will enjoy being with them. The accommodations are quite nice and they will be opening the new mission training centre which is on the same location as the temple which will keep them busy.