Sunday, 2 April 2017

March 20 to April 2

The Mission President and couples from our mission went to dinner with the Mission President from the Accra West Mission to a nice restaurant called Magellan 22.  Meg has chicken curry and I had a very good lobster thermador.

We went to Ho, which is about 150 km NE of Accra to a district conference and took in some of the sites and activities such as climbing this hill to get a good view.  It was not Kilimanjaro but it was good enough for us!

Along the way we visited the missionaries in the Kpando apartment.  We also went to Wli falls which was a 3 km hike to get to during the hot time of the day - 33 C with high humidity.

There were a lot of big bats flying around the falls.
Along the trail some workers were upgrading a bridge over a small creek.  What I found interesting was the workers had cut down a tree and sawed out the planks at the location, instead of bringing in the wood, as evidenced by the sawdust on the trail.

While in the Ho couple house a downpour of rain took place and flooded the hallway.  Fortunately, it stayed in the hallway and did not get into any other rooms.  The power also went out and we had to rely on just the batteries form the solar panels - it was a very warm night.

Anyways the power was restored the next day and we attended a very good district conference held in a meeting room at the Chances Hotel.
We enjoy eating with the missionaries such as: the sister missionaries in Tema.
The missionaries in Ashaiman.
The missionaries in Tema New Town at Pizza Hut.
And the missionaries at Senchi in the local hut.
We visited these missionaries in Kpong and they played some good music for us.
I have become very domesticated in that I am ironing my shirts.
We went with the Paces and Lamberts to a very nice mini-golf course.
 Eating out once again at Bistro 21 with some other senior missionaries on Friday night.


  1. Lol I like that it took coming on your mission to get you to iron your shirts. Now you will have no excuse when you get home!!

  2. That water fall looked really pretty... and then I read there were big bats flying around it, that ruined it for me. That was a huge plate of curry for mum... and I am sure she ate every last bite! Love you guys.

  3. Oh, those waterfalls looked lovely!! Looks like a great place to explore. And I think the bats are pretty cool too. As long as they don't swoop down at you!