Sunday, 28 May 2017

May 16 to May 28

We went to a re-cycling company that takes used plastic water bags and sews them together to make shopping bags and other types of purses/carrying bags.

Now for another edition of wacky vehicles seen on the roads such as a vehicle with an Illinois license plate, a motor cycle carrying a ladder, an overloaded passenger van and our own truck loaded with items to take to the missionary apartments.

We had lunch at the Hillburi restaurant that was located in the hills north of Accra and had some good views and some interesting signs.

This 6" scorpion was walking on the golf fairway.
We said good-bye to some home bound missionaries and had some other missionaries over to our apartment for a spaghetti lunch.

We saw these trousers hanging along the roadside and could not decide if they were for sale or if someone was trying to create a piece of modern art.
Once again we were out for chinese food at the Noble House with the other senior missionaries.  A couple had birthdays and the restaurant staff provided some desserts with flaming candles and an upbeat birthday song.

Last Saturday we went to the chapel on the temple site in Accra and saw a program to honor the New Horizon School for handicapped children and adults.  The students plus other members of the community put on a program with dancing and singing - even some ballet!

On Sunday we attended church in Dodowa, a community 45 min NE of our apartment and saw the Bishop give a lively lesson to all of the adults about "Friends and Investigators of the Church".
I have included a video of Sister Nkasa speaking her native language that she uses in South Africa.  You will need to view the blog on a laptop to hear her speak.


  1. Thank you hubby, for another great blog!

  2. Wow. Those are some fancy bags made from the recycled bottles!
    Loved the signs. I need to get the one about hard work never killing anyone.... yup, I need it.
    Great blog post!