Saturday, 1 July 2017

May 29 to June 30

We attended a small branch of the church at Aburi where the meetings are held in a building located in the middle of the town's botanical gardens.  The building is run down but the surroundings are beautiful!

Meg got a new dress so I took this picture on the temple grounds.
In a surprising turn of events we were told that we were moving into a new apartment in this nice building a couple of blocks from our current apartment.  We are now in a two bedroom apartment on the fourth floor and will be moving to a three bedroom apartment around July 3.  It is a huge improvement.  I believe the thinking of the mission president is that Meg might have to nurse some sick missionaries in the extra room.

Overall the inside is well appointed but there are some things that make us laugh such as the way this ornament fixture is attached to the wall with a nail instead of a screw.

We said good-bye to a large group of missionaries who went home to the United States.  They will be missed.

On June 15 we flew to Tamale to drive to Mole National Park for a two night stay.  While in Tamale we drove past the soccer stadium which looked quite nice compared to Calgary's McMahon's Stadium.

We had a wonderful time at Mole staying at the Zaina Lodge that had half stone, half tent bungalows and a view of elephants in water ponds.

We were protected from a elephant charge by a ranger with a single shot rifle.

We stopped for a picnic but could not eat at the table since it was occupied by a baboon.

We visited a couple of villages where we saw how shea butter was made and saw the oldest mosque in Ghana which was built around 1500 AD.

The safari included a trip down a crocodile infested river but we did not see any crocodiles.
Doug Hadley had a real good camera and took some wonderful animal pictures including the instance below where this couple got frightened by the elephant behind them.

The week after returning from Mole we went to Dzodze to see a new branch being created.

On Sunday June 25 we went to Koforidua and saw a new stake being made which attracted a large attendance including our Physical Facilities Manager and his wife and cute daughter.

A new missionary couple, Jeff and Carol Glanfield arrived to become the new office couple to replace Stan and Nance Pace who are going home.
Our mission president is returning home July 1 and a final round of conferences was held with the last one taking place in Koforidua.
Found a orange flower tree in full bloom, took some supplies to some sister missionaries, took a picture with a missionary who had a matching tie and had some 2 for one pizza at Pizza Hut.


  1. Thanks again for all your hard work!

  2. Those pictures of the animals are so great. I really love the picture of mum with the little girl, she is simply adorable!

  3. Hello Elder And Sister Jones! Sister Lethaby here (it says Joel...but just while he's on a mission!). Great pictures, and a great break for you! Thanks for your service and smiles...growing to love this land I suspect!

  4. Great pictures! I am glad you did not fight the baboon for space at the picnic table... you may not find yourself coming home after that encounter.
    Love you both!!